Madeleine Dietrich is a fine artist and events producer born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC in 2016, she interned and worked for Milk Studios and has continued working in production within the art and fashion worlds. She has produced events and exhibitions in Philadelphia and Lancaster, PA; New York, NY, and most recently, Leipzig, Germany. Her mixed media portraits layer photography, painting, drawing, and elements of collage and printmaking. Dietrich’s mixed media works address the unattainable standards within Western society, critiquing the mediated image, gender roles and exploring sexuality and intimacy in all its forms.


“Friends and Lovers” (series), mixed media on photographic print, 20” x 30” SRSQ-SHOYEI + Consent Station One Center for the Arts Lancaster PA 9 March 2019

“Friends and Lovers” (series), mixed media on photographic print, 20” x 30” Heartburn Eye’s Gallery Philadelphia PA
8 February - 8 March 2019

“Private Life” (series) mixed media and photographs, 18”x24” Future Paradise The Living Gallery New York NY
21-22 February 2019

“Untitled (Felix)” mixed media on photographic print, 30” x 40”
Wavy Baby New Liberty Distillery Philadelphia PA
2 August 2018

“Friends and Lovers (series)” mixed media on paper 20” x 30” Stry:Naked and Holy Links Neben der Tanke Leipzig DE
7 February 2018

“Friends and Lovers” mixed media on paper 20” x 30”
Cheap Thrills Links Neben der Tanke Leipzig DE
19 January 2018-19 Feb 2018

“Imondre” mixed media on paper 20”x30”
VIBES Tattooed Mom, Philadelphia PA 26 May 2017

“I’ve Seen You (Changing)” mixed media on paper, 20”x30” Impossible Standards Ruckus Gallery Philadelphia PA
14 February – 14 March 2017

“Know When to Let Go” collage on wood, 8”x8”
Jinxed HeART Show Jinxed Fishtown Philadelphia PA
11 February – 15 March 2017

“Heart-Shaped Face” series, mixed media on paper 20”x30” Runners-Up Square One Philadelphia PA
8 December – 8 January 2017

“Untitled (triptych)”, mixed media on paper 25”x40”
US+U Fall 2016 Exhibition Urban Studio Unbound Yonkers NY
12 November -7 January 2017

“UNLEARN” mixed media installation 
#wip 117 Beekman South Street Seaport New York NY
12 August – 30 September 2016

“UNLEARN” mixed media installation
One Plus Two or Three 227 W 27th St New York NY
10 May – 20 May 2016

“Untitled (diptych)” acrylic on board, 25”x40”
Under(my)ning Tradition Fashion Institute of Technology New York NY 1 March – 30 April 2015

“Queen Mary” block print on paper, 5”x7”
God and Industry The Stahr Armory Lancaster PA 
5 August 2014

“Anticipation” mixed media installation
Eastern Market Benefit Lancaster Dispensing Co Lancaster PA
13 October 2014

“It Could All Be a Dream” silkscreen on paper, 20”x30”
Utopia = No Person Annex 24 Gallery Lancaster PA
22 March 2014